Oyster Cage Commander Inc. offers a wide variety of services related to successful top culture oyster farm setup and maintenance. We are highly skilled at raising, flipping, and sinking large numbers of oyster cages in a given day, and are continually on the hunt for new technologies and best practices in the industry.


From April to December, we perform both farm setup and the transition of existing farms to top culture oyster farming. We execute all of the steps needed to get the cages and product on the farms up and running. Outsourcing farm setup is by far the least expensive and most convenient method for new growers.


The annual farm maintenance cycle includes sinking the cages for the winter, raising them in the spring, flipping them over the summer, and sinking them again in the late fall.

Cage Sinking

Each fall, cages and product must be lowered to the bottom for the winter season. They spend the whole winter in this position until they are raised again in the spring. The timeline to sink cages is weather dependent and often quite short, so it must be done fast. Oyster Cage Commander Inc. has a proven method to quickly and safely lower units to the bottom.

We sank 39,780 oyster cages in 2017 and over 40,000 in 2018 – and that’s not including off-island farms!

Cage Raising

After a successful over-winter process, cages return to the surface in early spring. The cages or lines may require maintenance if the ice flows cause damage over the winter; however, properly sunk cages will limit over-winter damage to cages, bags, and product. The cages are placed on a long line system and buoyed up for summer feeding and predator control.

Cage Flipping

The control of predators and/or invasive species within the cage system is done by turning or flipping the cage during the summer months. This process exposes one half of the cage and its product to the air-drying process. Done properly, this eliminates the unwanted growth of invasive species and kills the natural predators of oysters without harming the oyster itself.

We are happy to work with you to determine any other services you may need. Contact us here.