Oyster Cage Commander Inc. is a top culture oyster farm service based in Milton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Owned and operated by Nicholas Coughlin, we specialize in setting up and maintaining top culture oyster farms, providing all necessary services to promote optimal growing conditions and ensure predator control for your farm.

As part of PEI’s leading oyster industry, we are committed to providing sustainable, reliable, and superior culture farm maintenance to growers in the province. We also prioritize the environment in all of our operations; our multi-level aquaculture service provides a non-invasive way to manage culture farm resources.

Oyster Cage Commander’s staff members are experts at oyster farming operations, and it is our goal to help you efficiently and effectively produce the best possible product. With an excellent service record, we have fostered healthy, responsible working partnerships with PEI’s top culture oyster farming community. These relationships have given us a unique knowledge of top culture oyster farms, the ecosystems in which they produce, and the services they require to grow and remain sustainable.


PEI is world-famous for its oysters. Our seafood sector has firmly entrenched roots in the global marketplace and the world continues to look to PEI for the best in shellfish. Aquaculture grown seafood is becoming a major contributor to global food production, and this industry provides great economic stability for the province.

The growing interest in top culture oyster farms represents a strong opportunity for development in an already booming industry. The number of cage systems going into PEI top culture oyster farms is expanding at a steady rate, and top culture oyster farming has demonstrated its ability to produce and supply a sustainable amount of product to local oyster processing plants. It is now considered a reliable source of premium oyster product, successfully sharing the marketplace with the traditional wild oyster fishery on PEI.

The culture oyster industry on PEI has prospered from good representation from both the Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance (PEIAA) and the Island Oyster Growers Group (IOGG). We work with both entities to implement work smart processes that benefit both the farms we service and the industry itself.

Oyster Cage Commander Inc. is proud to be at the forefront of this industry, as the sole provider of this multi-layered cage service on PEI (and, to the best of our knowledge, in North America). We see top culture oyster farming as integral to the future success of the oyster industry on the island.

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